Tips Brownies Panggang Aneka Rasa

Tips Brownies Panggang Aneka Rasa - pempek this one is no less famous as the other pempek, besides it is very well known throughout the region in Indonesia, making it also a very simplistic way at all. Miscellaneous pempek already famous among others pempek submarine, lenjer, skin and this one is pempek circumstances Pempek circumstances.


The bias pempek someone when eating only one kind was certainly less enjoyable, so there must be a theme, such as pempek these circumstances. To make it please just you prepare the main ingredients such as fish, mackerel and corn starch, and follow the recipe below as follows.


Material - material circumstances pempek


Meat fillet mackerel 500 g (smoothed)

Nice sago flour 400g

3 pieces of red onion, minced

4 cloves garlic

White granulated sugar 1 tablespoon

1 teaspoon fine salt

Thick coconut milk 1 tablespoon instant

Food seasoning to taste

White water 300 ml

Chicken egg 1 egg

How to Make Original circumstances pempek Palembang


Prepare a container to make pempek dough, mix a mackerel fish that have been finely, add garlic, stir until blended

Mix all the batter, stirring until smooth, if adonanmasih hard to be formed then can add the corn starch again so that the dough be blended and difficult to break up

Starting form the finished dough was so round the size of a golf ball, and did until the dough runs out

Use fire yangsedang to begin to boil, but wait until the boiling water first, then enter one by one dough that has been formed earlier to mature

Lift the dough when it is ripe, when ripe usually dough begins to float to the surface

Remove and drain until the water is completely missing

Heat oil in advance until hot, then enter one by one into a frying pan until the color changed to slightly brownish

Serve pempek when ripe


Camprkan vinegar that has been created as a tasty and very well-known maker of vinegar acid pempek palembang proficiency level, then add more cucumber, according to taste. That Adan Delicious Recipes to Make Original pempek Palembang, to prescribe others soon to follow, please mempraktekanya as shown in atas.semoga lucky.

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