Cara Memasak Ayam Kecap Saus Pedas

Cara Memasak Ayam Kecap Saus Pedas - Your family no appetite at dawn? you confused menu what would you serve to dawn that they are interested and increased appetite? Relax we have a very brilliant recipe for the meal you can make special menu with beloved family recipe that is sweet and sour shrimp. The menu this one is very easy and practically made for a side dish of your dawn. you can follow the steps below to make sweet and sour shrimp.


Steps to make sweet and sour shrimp


1. The first thing you have to do to apply the sweet and sour shrimp recipes at home is to clean the shrimp. Wash and remove the parts that are not critical, such as shrimp shells skin that you peel hard can make it easier when eating it later. Save the shrimp in a container.

2. Meanwhile, you can make subtle spices, with mashing onion, garlic, onions, sliced tomatoes already small, and red pepper. You can add a little salt to make it easier to smooth the spice earlier.

3. Cook the ground spices in a pan that has been buttered. Saute the ingredients until the color turns slightly brown and smells wonderful. Then enter the shrimp that had been cleaned earlier.

4. Add the tamarind water, sugar, salt, sauce, and a little flavor. Boil until completely cooked shrimp and seasoning seep into the body of the shrimp. Do not use large fire because it will make the shrimp was not cooked perfectly, so it is better to use a medium heat alone

5. Serve the shrimp in a serving dish with a little garnish such as lettuce that look sweet and sour shrimp you more attractive.


You can cook a delicious sweet and sour shrimp this evening or before dawn. If you cook the previous evening, it is better warmed again before it is consumed during the meal. For what kind of shrimp that can be used is actually up to you alone. Do not have to use certain types of shrimp. When buying any shrimp you should carefully used, select fresh shrimp that normally has a characteristic body feels hard when held. For those who are allergic to seafood, still can eat sweet and sour shrimp with no peel shrimp when memasakknya. Because shrimp shell is believed to be the antidote to the allergy. But the sweet and sour shrimp recipe is not recommended for those who have high cholesterol levels.

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