Bikin Kue Lapis Khas Surabaya

Bikin Kue Lapis Khas Surabaya - For those of you who live in the area Banyumas, such purwokerto, Patikraja, Purbalingga, Wangon and surrounding surely you are not familiar with the taste of delicious mendoan. how not, because in addition getuk Sokaraja, Tempe Chips Purwokerto and Sale Bananas, Tempe Mendoan is one of the specialties Banyumas frequently encountered in these areas. as in purwokerto Sawangan area is one of the central souvenirs typical of Banyumas famous with chips Tempe and Tempe Mendoannya.


If you pass Sawangan Purwokerto, Banyumas area which is located very close to the main square Purwokerto. Your nose will definitely be spoiled with the delicious aroma of chips Tempe and Tempe Mendoan Typical Purwokerto delicious. many foreign and domestic tourists who always stopped or stopping to buy souvenirs typical of Banyumas and hunting joy of Tempe Mendoan in stores by the center-typical Banyumas. always presents Tempe Mendoan are always fress and warm thus creating Tempe Mendoan taste very good and tasty to make the tourists hooked.


I am a native of Banyumas also no get enough to eat foods, fried foods, or snack on this one. it might be good to eat while relaxing and perfect for friends while you enjoy the warm coffee or sweet tea. mendoan tempe commonly enjoyed with soy sauce or spicy small green chili. if said person banyumasnya * nyigit *, if that does not know the meaning nyigit may open it up in the dictionary Banyumas hehehheehe.


Characteristic of Tempe First Mendoan Purwokerto, Banyumas is used exclusively for tempe tempeh mendoan. tempeh is made from soy wrapped in teak leaves or banana leaves. each pack contains two or three pieces of tempe tempeh thin shape and size is fitted made to the fruit Tempe Mendoan. if in your area there are no special tempeh to make Tempe Mendoan, you can use ordinary tempe sliced thin (but not too thin once) and not to the thickness.


Why in slicing to make tempeh tempe mendoan lest intended that the thickness of tempeh cooked when fried. the other reason is because the fry tempeh mendoan it very briefly, maybe only three or five minutes. so if you are too thick slice tempeh tempe fear immature and later results will be less tasty.


Tempe development Mendoan Typical fried Purwokerto Mendo, mendoan now also comes with various versian. namely Tempe Mendoan be fried longer so Crispy and crunchy. Tempe Mendoan like this famous name or Tempe Tempe Mendoan Crispy Crunchy Fried Flour.


Now you live that determines, Mendoan that you create will be fried briefly as at Recipes Tempe Mendoan Purwokerto Classic or Originalanya version. or it could be with a crispy fried tempe more crisp and tasty. nah. to determine the ingredients and how to make soy sauce Tempe Mendoan along with her, please follow the steps below.

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