Cara Membuat Kolak Pisang Untuk Takjil

Cara Membuat Kolak Pisang Untuk Takjil - Iftar is sometimes needed a new atmosphere by breaking the fast on the outside. This can be done in your family while ngabuburit. In addition you can also break the fast with colleagues, relatives or friends. Obviously when deciding iftar outside must prepare a thick wallet. Especially for you and your family like to visit a Japanese restaurant. Japanese food is now widely worldwide, one in Indonesia that has been adapted to the tongue of Indonesia.


Recipe used has also been noticed that kosher ingredients. Japanese food is lucrative as onogiri, tempura, shushi, sashimi, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, udon, ramen, takoyaki, and others. Given Japanese food on offer at a price somewhat expensive, you can present a menu of Japanese food at the time of breaking or eat a meal. One is the tempura that you can follow how to make the shrimp tempura recipe below.


Materials are needed on the shrimp tempura recipe:


· 300 grams of good quality shrimp

· 115 grams of wheat flour

· 100 grams of wheat flour (for coating)

· 35 grams of cornstarch

· 1 egg

· 250 ml of cold soda water

· Vegetable oil (sesame oil at the recommended)

· Material additional tempura (1 carrot, 1 eggplant, and asaparagus taste in thin slices)

· Washabi for presentation


How to make tempura shrimp:


1. The first step in this shrimp tempura recipe is preparing its main ingredient is shrimp. Should choose fresh shrimp with a large size. Clean the shrimp shells and cut off the head of the shrimp.

2. Clean the threads of fine black which is dirt on the body prawn shrimp with a toothpick. Then make cutouts-cutouts on the shrimp's body to be straight and not curved (not to break). Furthermore, wash under running water in order to eliminate the fishy smell.

3. Drain the shrimp and then sprinkle with salt and garlic powder to taste.

4. Sift the flour-flour.

5. Prepare 1 egg and beaten until fluffy.

6. Then dip the shrimp into the egg one by one.

7. Put the shrimp in cornstarch as the main coatings while at the tap-tap that seep into the flour shrimp.

8. Dissolve cornstarch and flour with cold water. Afterwards coat the shrimp that has been put into the flour in the dough soggy.

9. Repeat steps 6-8 once again to get krispy layer.

10. Prepare the cooking oil that has been heated, fried shrimp until golden yellow

11. Tempura shrimp prepared in Japanese style washabi or serve with sauce.

(for tempura vegetables can be cooked in the same way)


So how to make tempura shrimp recipe, not easy enough. Of course you can serve it be a delicious snack to break the fast. Thus the dishes you have been sufficient for the protein that the body needs to perform metabolism. In addition to using the prawns, you can vary with some seafood or vegetables. So how to make tempura with ease. Hope it is useful.


Cara Memasak Ayam Kecap Saus Pedas

Cara Memasak Ayam Kecap Saus Pedas - Your family no appetite at dawn? you confused menu what would you serve to dawn that they are interested and increased appetite? Relax we have a very brilliant recipe for the meal you can make special menu with beloved family recipe that is sweet and sour shrimp. The menu this one is very easy and practically made for a side dish of your dawn. you can follow the steps below to make sweet and sour shrimp.


Steps to make sweet and sour shrimp


1. The first thing you have to do to apply the sweet and sour shrimp recipes at home is to clean the shrimp. Wash and remove the parts that are not critical, such as shrimp shells skin that you peel hard can make it easier when eating it later. Save the shrimp in a container.

2. Meanwhile, you can make subtle spices, with mashing onion, garlic, onions, sliced tomatoes already small, and red pepper. You can add a little salt to make it easier to smooth the spice earlier.

3. Cook the ground spices in a pan that has been buttered. Saute the ingredients until the color turns slightly brown and smells wonderful. Then enter the shrimp that had been cleaned earlier.

4. Add the tamarind water, sugar, salt, sauce, and a little flavor. Boil until completely cooked shrimp and seasoning seep into the body of the shrimp. Do not use large fire because it will make the shrimp was not cooked perfectly, so it is better to use a medium heat alone

5. Serve the shrimp in a serving dish with a little garnish such as lettuce that look sweet and sour shrimp you more attractive.


You can cook a delicious sweet and sour shrimp this evening or before dawn. If you cook the previous evening, it is better warmed again before it is consumed during the meal. For what kind of shrimp that can be used is actually up to you alone. Do not have to use certain types of shrimp. When buying any shrimp you should carefully used, select fresh shrimp that normally has a characteristic body feels hard when held. For those who are allergic to seafood, still can eat sweet and sour shrimp with no peel shrimp when memasakknya. Because shrimp shell is believed to be the antidote to the allergy. But the sweet and sour shrimp recipe is not recommended for those who have high cholesterol levels.


Tips Brownies Panggang Aneka Rasa

Tips Brownies Panggang Aneka Rasa - pempek this one is no less famous as the other pempek, besides it is very well known throughout the region in Indonesia, making it also a very simplistic way at all. Miscellaneous pempek already famous among others pempek submarine, lenjer, skin and this one is pempek circumstances Pempek circumstances.


The bias pempek someone when eating only one kind was certainly less enjoyable, so there must be a theme, such as pempek these circumstances. To make it please just you prepare the main ingredients such as fish, mackerel and corn starch, and follow the recipe below as follows.


Material - material circumstances pempek


Meat fillet mackerel 500 g (smoothed)

Nice sago flour 400g

3 pieces of red onion, minced

4 cloves garlic

White granulated sugar 1 tablespoon

1 teaspoon fine salt

Thick coconut milk 1 tablespoon instant

Food seasoning to taste

White water 300 ml

Chicken egg 1 egg

How to Make Original circumstances pempek Palembang


Prepare a container to make pempek dough, mix a mackerel fish that have been finely, add garlic, stir until blended

Mix all the batter, stirring until smooth, if adonanmasih hard to be formed then can add the corn starch again so that the dough be blended and difficult to break up

Starting form the finished dough was so round the size of a golf ball, and did until the dough runs out

Use fire yangsedang to begin to boil, but wait until the boiling water first, then enter one by one dough that has been formed earlier to mature

Lift the dough when it is ripe, when ripe usually dough begins to float to the surface

Remove and drain until the water is completely missing

Heat oil in advance until hot, then enter one by one into a frying pan until the color changed to slightly brownish

Serve pempek when ripe


Camprkan vinegar that has been created as a tasty and very well-known maker of vinegar acid pempek palembang proficiency level, then add more cucumber, according to taste. That Adan Delicious Recipes to Make Original pempek Palembang, to prescribe others soon to follow, please mempraktekanya as shown in atas.semoga lucky.


Bikin Kue Lapis Khas Surabaya

Bikin Kue Lapis Khas Surabaya - For those of you who live in the area Banyumas, such purwokerto, Patikraja, Purbalingga, Wangon and surrounding surely you are not familiar with the taste of delicious mendoan. how not, because in addition getuk Sokaraja, Tempe Chips Purwokerto and Sale Bananas, Tempe Mendoan is one of the specialties Banyumas frequently encountered in these areas. as in purwokerto Sawangan area is one of the central souvenirs typical of Banyumas famous with chips Tempe and Tempe Mendoannya.


If you pass Sawangan Purwokerto, Banyumas area which is located very close to the main square Purwokerto. Your nose will definitely be spoiled with the delicious aroma of chips Tempe and Tempe Mendoan Typical Purwokerto delicious. many foreign and domestic tourists who always stopped or stopping to buy souvenirs typical of Banyumas and hunting joy of Tempe Mendoan in stores by the center-typical Banyumas. always presents Tempe Mendoan are always fress and warm thus creating Tempe Mendoan taste very good and tasty to make the tourists hooked.


I am a native of Banyumas also no get enough to eat foods, fried foods, or snack on this one. it might be good to eat while relaxing and perfect for friends while you enjoy the warm coffee or sweet tea. mendoan tempe commonly enjoyed with soy sauce or spicy small green chili. if said person banyumasnya * nyigit *, if that does not know the meaning nyigit may open it up in the dictionary Banyumas hehehheehe.


Characteristic of Tempe First Mendoan Purwokerto, Banyumas is used exclusively for tempe tempeh mendoan. tempeh is made from soy wrapped in teak leaves or banana leaves. each pack contains two or three pieces of tempe tempeh thin shape and size is fitted made to the fruit Tempe Mendoan. if in your area there are no special tempeh to make Tempe Mendoan, you can use ordinary tempe sliced thin (but not too thin once) and not to the thickness.


Why in slicing to make tempeh tempe mendoan lest intended that the thickness of tempeh cooked when fried. the other reason is because the fry tempeh mendoan it very briefly, maybe only three or five minutes. so if you are too thick slice tempeh tempe fear immature and later results will be less tasty.


Tempe development Mendoan Typical fried Purwokerto Mendo, mendoan now also comes with various versian. namely Tempe Mendoan be fried longer so Crispy and crunchy. Tempe Mendoan like this famous name or Tempe Tempe Mendoan Crispy Crunchy Fried Flour.


Now you live that determines, Mendoan that you create will be fried briefly as at Recipes Tempe Mendoan Purwokerto Classic or Originalanya version. or it could be with a crispy fried tempe more crisp and tasty. nah. to determine the ingredients and how to make soy sauce Tempe Mendoan along with her, please follow the steps below.


Masak Bolu Pisang Khas Bandung

For you fans of dishes made from chicken, of course, you are already familiar with his name grilled chicken? grilled chicken is one of the dishes I sure liked by all circles of society at large. from all people, adolescents and children. of course they will never willingly miss savor this one.


Indeed, many of grilled chicken circulating around your home, such as food stalls, cafes and grilled chicken resto class. different stalls and processing created a sense surely also me is also very special. as I check directly to my kerebat who have grilled chicken cafe that is quite well known and very much have customers in his area.


So you do not have to worry will this recipe, because this grilled chicken recipe is guaranteed to be quality taste. which certainly will make you and your family hooked if this grilled chicken recipe cooking. in processing grilled chicken in this recipe is also a little different, because it uses spices super fres. not like grilled chicken in general are just boiled with herbs to spice ASAT and burned.


Indeed, in this special grilled chicken recipe is also experiencing the stages of chicken stewed with herbs beforehand. but in this special grilled chicken recipe chicken simply boiled briefly. about chicken has been cooked or chicken changes color to yellow without having to wait until the water ASAT and stick together chicken seasoning. spices used to boil the chicken in roasted chicken recipe is also very simple.


Only requires one yellow spice sachets ready or you can mengguleknya yourself at home. You surely know the seasoning for the chicken? for those of you who really beginners who are learning to cook, I'll love to know deh yellow spice recipe for boiling chicken. nah to determine the ingredients and how to make this special grilled chicken with appropriate please see below.